This method is a good little tip to know if you want to construct something complicated, suspend something in the middle of the jello shots, or if you even just want to garnish them a bit.  Basically, the same logic applies to much, and will give you the freedom to have fun with it.  The Floaty Treat Recipe section has fun and interesting recipes to show off your new knowledge on.


    You can use anything you want.  Gummy candies, edible flowers, small citrus peels, mint, chocolate chips or shavings, all can add flavor and personalized style to your jello shots.  A lot of recipes on use this method of decoration.

                gummy bear1

        To do this, just chill your gelatin mix in the fridge for at least 15 minutes before pouring into any other containers.  This will thicken the mixture a bit so that items will float easier, but the gelatin can still be poured into containers. Take the batch out of the fridge, and then fold the chosen fruit or other edible addition into the gelatin in the mixing bowl.  Make sure that the jello surrounds it.  Now you can transfer that and the jello into the pan or mold of your choice.  Just use a toothpick to adjust the positioning of the item.  Then continue to refrigerate until jello shots are ready to go.

        It is totally up to you what you decide to put your jello in. Usually, the jello is poured into 1 or 2-ounce plastic cups.  The kind with the lids are a definite blessing, especially if you are taking them somewhere.  The lids also make it much easier to display.  Instead of having 40 or 50 jello shots lined up in military rows on your kitchen counter, with the lids, you can just get a large bowl or container, and put the load of them in there.  Now you have room for the cheesy potatoes and nacho dip!

              drunken donut

        You can also always opt to use party cups, paper nut cups, or good ol’ Dixie cups.  Just remember that the size of the cup will determine how many shots you will get out of each batch.  Most recipes are proportioned using 1-ounce cups.  It should specify if otherwise.  You can also go with the more classy approach by using shot, cocktail, or cordial glasses.  Glass will definitely give the desired look, but may be difficult to shoot from. You might want to provide little spoons.   Paper cups are a bad idea, because they fold when the hot liquid touches them.

        You can also just go pouring your mixture into a flat pan. Then you can either cut it into 2-inch squares, or get some fun shaped cookie cutters and serve up some hearts, moons, or stars to your guests!  Let yourself get totally adventurous with these jello jiggler-style shots. Try lighting up the party with naughty adult themed jigglers and see what happens!

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